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The highest compliment that a patient can bestow upon us is a referral of friends and family members to us for their vision care.  At Lucent Family Eye Care, you can be sure that we will provide your referrals with the same level of quality care.

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Great experience and fantastic customer service. Definitely would come back for future appointments and optical needs. -Nick F on Facebook

Staff were incredibly helpful and informative; they helped me dig up my extended insurance information and even dealt with all the paperwork for me. Dr. Yee is very considerate and will keep you in the loop about your exam as well as answer any questions you might have. I highly highly recommend this place! -Kal C. on Facebook

Due to heavy schoolwork, blurry vision has occurred in my past three weeks. And I came to Dr Linda Yee for help. She gave me a comprehensive eye exam and some eye drops. Very responsible and professional. The staff are very kind and polite. Again my vision is back! Highly recommended! I will definitely come back if l have any eye problems. -Carlos Y. on Yelp

Dr. Yee is a very nice person, she is a real professional optometrist who is willing to spend her time and patience on her patients. She knows what she's doing, and she does it right. She gave me 3 trials of contact lenses to find out the best pair, carefully did eye exam every single time to make sure it works well, although that took her lots of time. I'm very impressed. Strongly recommend! -Leila Z. on Yelp

This is the place to go for your eye exam and glasses or contact lenses. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Linda Yee is thorough and cares about making sure that the prescription is right and the patient is comfortable. They went above and beyond for me. They filed my insurance on my behalf, so I didn't have to pay and wait for insurance to reimburse me. Aaron worked with me to make sure the fit of my glasses was perfect. They even ordered a pair of frames for my husband that we had seen elsewhere and gave us a better price. We're very happy to have Lucent in our area and we're very impressed with their selection and their service. 🙂 -Amy J. on Yelp

Dr. Yee, Lynn and Scott create a true 5-star family clinic atmosphere. The team is clearly well-organized and prioritizes your health and comfort. They are punctual, thorough and unafraid to provide genuine recommendations on eye protection, style and eyewear trends. There was a minor discrepancy in the recommendations but I was impressed with how quickly and honestly this was resolved. I was a little sad in getting confirmation that I need to start wearing prescription eyewear but your team's warmth took the edge right off. Thank you very much for that! You're setting a wonderful benchmark for family health practices in BC and I'm already happy to recommend you to the rest of my family. I look forward to picking up our order in a few days. -Aaron A. on Google

Dr. Yee has amazing patient care. She takes the time to educate and inform you of the process and exactly what she is examining for. She was extremely patient with our squirmy toddler and spent a considerable amount of time to make him feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Yee and her team. -Peter L. on Google

Dr. Linda Yee is the best optometrist I have seen. I have various eye-related issues, and have seen many different optometrists in the past, but Dr. Yee is the most thorough and most caring doctor. She is also very kind, makes proper referrals, and treats patients with respects. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yee to anyone looking for an optometrist. -Chang Suk S. on EyeconX

Dr. Yee explained everything to me really well. She was able to put my mind at ease by explaining how some conditions are typical to certain age groups. -Anonymous on EyeconX

I really appreciate Dr. Yee taking the time to explain everything to me. After my appointments I feel I have a better understanding of eye care. I have already recommend some friends and family to visit Dr. Yee. Aaron is also is amazing staff member to receive service from. Overall everyone is professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. - Anonymous on EyeconX

Dr. Yee is an excellent optometrist with a very humble personality. She was very thorough and I appreciated her explaining the purpose of each procedure, as well as taking time to show me each picture of my eyes. She was very patient and didn't rush me, even for an end-of-the-day appointment. Michelle is also very caring, and has a fun personality. It was great having her give me an honest opinion while I was trying on glasses! I'll be back in the future, and will definitely recommend this office to others. -Lauren H. on EyeconX

Our experience was great. Explanation of our eye exams were thorough. Will be returning to make our contact lense purchases after we test the trial contacts for a few days - Michael T. on EyeconX

My experience at this optometrist office was excellent. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The optometrist was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Overall, a pleasant experience. I would recommend this optometrist office to everyone. -Rajkeshwar T. on EyeconX

I'm very happy with everyone, Starting with Dr. Linda for her excellent approach besides her outstanding eye exam & the staff in helping me selecting the right frame. I definitely reccomend my friends to Lucent Eye Clinic -Berhanu B. on EyeconX

Loved the extensive eye exam. Never had some of it before. I also really appreciate the education and knowledge Dr. Yee gave me about my eyes and eyes in general. Really informative and couldn't recommend this place enough! All I ask is to continue doing what you're doing especially about educating your patients. It really goes a long way when a doctor can listen and have an informative discussion with their patient as Dr. Yee has done for me. Thanks again for a great visit! -Carmel B. on EyeconX

Dr. Linda Yee was very courteous and very professional and put me at ease. She explained very clearly and plainly all the questions I asked, and gave me a better optics of how the eyes function. I am very pleased that I made an effort to see her. -William K. on EyeconX

I was totally satisfied. Doctor Yee and staff treated me as if I was someone special, such as a missed member of their family. I had tests done the last time I was there and this time that had never been offered to me before, or that I never knew excited, even when I was sent to specialists that do surgery. I honestly brag to others of my experience with you and always, highly recommend you to all I speak with of you. Thank you so much to Dr. Yee and staff for being there for me. You are all in my prayers. -James H. on EyeconX

I have a wonderful time every time I visit the office,which is every year. Linda, my eye specialist treats me with the the upmost respect, listens to my concerns and stories and never rushes me out,like some other busy doctors. She is also busy but takes the time for you. She is very sweet and has a nice personality. Her staff is also great and very knowledgeable. Thank You, Marlene Tonomura -Marlene T. on EyeconX

Your instrument technology is amazing. I knew I was at the front line of eye care diagnostics. I recommend you to all my friends, even though it's a long trip from Gastown. -Alex A. on EyeconX

Linda was awesome, understanding and very professional! I have a sense of humour and I loved the way she handled it. I met Aaron before and after my eye exam and he was very polite and helpful. I would recommend this place to all my friends. Thumbs up on the customer service! -Albert L. on EyeconX

We're very happy to have found this office, have always had a good experience there. I especially appreciate how good everyone is with kids - Matthias is 7 and he's always treated with such respect and in a fun manner, he actually enjoys coming to these appointments! -Matthias S. on EyeconX

I love coming to this office, especially after my experience yesterday. The staff were energetic, friendly and so helpful - definitely not like other optometry offices I've been to. Thank you! -Natasha Ton EyeconX

Very good in delivering professional services: reception, examination, explanation, taking care & paying attention to the patients concerns, needs, & requests. Worth our driving a long distance (from Vancouver westside to this Burnaby-NewWestminister clinic), & a longer time (about 45 minutes to 1 hour), for a genuinely good optometry / cataract annual check-up. Me & my wife are both patients. Worth recommending to any people who need these services. -Peter H. on EyeconX

Thank you Linda and Aaron. I often dread about seeing any sort of doctors, especially when I have to find a new one. My experience at the clinic is as well as I could have ever imagined. Your smiles and warmth made my visit felt at ease. Linda was very thorough with the examination, and made the effort to explain all the little details. Aaron was very patient while he helped me to pick out a new frame, and he was always looking out for my needs. Thank you for fixing up my old pair of glasses too. Whoever designed the website, appointment reminder and this survey also did a very good job. I am very happy to have found this place, and I will recommend the clinic to others. I really appreciate all the work that you have done. Thank you, and have a happy holiday! -Chi-Jer H. on EyeconX

I had a chance to visit the Optometrist, Dr. Linda Yee, today at this location and was very impressed with how warm and helpful she was. The staff also help me and they too were just as warm and friendly. I think she should wonderful with children helping them to get glasses. As a senior when I experience people who are warm and helpful to me I make it my task to tell others, especially those with special needs. It was well worth my time and effort to travel by transit from Downtown Van. out to their Bby location. - Gord B. on Facebook

Linda, Thank you for helping me pick out my new glasses the other day, and the thorough tests that you did as well! BEST OPTOMETRIST EVER! - Richard H. on Facebook

Took my husband Jesse for an appointment today, he is on dialysis and Type 2 Diabetic, he was treated with total professionalism and they were very courteous, and efficient. I would recommend this place of business to all my friends and family. Thank you for an enjoyable visit 🙂 - Cheryl Ann A. on Facebook

Friendly & Helpful staff...excellent service and was thoroughly impressed. So thrilled that my vision issues ...are SO MUCH better.Both my Son & I highly recommend this Eye Care Centre and had a very positive experience at our appointments.Thanks SO MUCH to the Lucent Eye Care team!!! - Siobhan H. on Google

We had a very good experience with Dr Yee and her staff. We walked out of her office with complete satisfactions. Their level of knowledge and friendly attitude is what we were looking for. We had to go back to adjust a pair of glasses that we purchased for my son few weeks later and all we saw was happy faces and lovely personalities. Dr Yee is become our family Eye doctor and I have been recommending her to all my family and friends without hesitation. Keep up the good work Dr. Cheers, Zarif Family - Al Z. on Google

Linda's very patient with the clients and spends the time to understand their needs based on her professional opinion. Prices and services are great. Highly recommend her to family member and friends. - David Y. on Google

Dr. Yee is amazing at what she does! Very personable and sweet. I was told by my old optometrist that I would never get crystal clear vision with contacts because my eyes had extremely bad astigmatism. Dr. Yee was knowledgeable about astigmatism because as I learned, she also had it. So I felt very comfortable knowing she understood how it felt. I had contacts done by her and they were amazing. She perfected it and took her time helping me and trying on different brands until I felt the most comfortable. Ive since then gotten a pair of glasses done also by her and I've never had such clear vision in my life... I only have to thank her for that! Highly recommended! - Diana N. on Google

Dr. Yee is very friendly and knowledgeable. She took her time to explain all the procedures she did on me and I learned a lot about my eyes during my visit! I also found a very nice pair of glasses for a very reasonable price. It was difficult for me to choose because there were so many good choices. I even got my glasses made in 15 minutes! I would definitely recommend my family and friends to come here. - Anonymous, on

This doc is amazing. She is very professional and helpful. Highly recommended. - Anonymous, on

Dr. Yee is a great optometrist. She answered all questions I had about my vision. She is also great with kids, as I brought my 9 year old and 2 year old with me and she was really wonderful with them. Her staff is great with helping pick out glasses and recommendations on lens types. - Anonymous, on

Professional and caring staff! Dr. Yee even sent a letter to my family doctor outlining the medications she had prescribed. - Angie C. on Google

This girl is AMMAAAZZZIINNNNGGG  😀 She is unlike any other optometrist. She isn't boring, she's outgoing unlike most doctors :3
I highly recommend y'all to go to her office, its clean, its neat, nothing is out of place.
She also makes sure all the instruments are working fine, she's very attentive.
I look forward to the next eye exam 😀 - Daniel K. on Yelp

Dr. Yee is awesome. I just switched to new doctor from another location. She was very caring, attentive, and also answered all of my questions. She took her time, and actually explained things clearly. Unlike many other doctors who always seem to be in a rush, she was very patient and had no sign of rushing the appointment. I can't wait till my next appointment next year. - Anonymous on

Dr. Yee has worked with my family for 2 years now and I am impressed by how good she is with my 3.5 year old. She makes us all comfortable and keeps things light and pleasant. She gave meD a lot more information than I expected and her staff were just as warm and helpful. Excellent customer service. She genuinely cares. I would highly recommend her any day. -Anonymous on

I needed a prescription for glasses. Here I met a professional and friendly doctor. The testing process is completely satisfied so I plan to bring my son here for routine testing. -Anonymous on

Dr. Linda Yee and her staff are one of those rare healthcare professionals who care first about their patients and secondly about their revenue. She has all the top of the line equipment for eye health and tests. Lucent also has the abiblity to help everyone from those on a tight budget to those that want the very latest brand name frame styles. Everything was ontime and exactly as promised. Why you would go anywhere else is beyond me!!! A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Yee and I will be referring others. - Alan G. on Yelp

So what's so different about Lucent Family Eye Care compared to other clinics - it's the personal touch of Dr. Linda Yee whose cheerfulness and proficiency in her work makes your day. My eye exam included the checking of the retinas (something I never had at other clinics) besides the usual other parts and of course the measurements of my vision acuity or lack of it. Dr. Yee is very knowledgeable in her field and has all the latest equipment to support her profession. Her store also carries great selections of frames and lenses. - Allen L. on Google

As a Type I diabetic, good eye care is essential in my life. This doctor delivers. I see her regularly and have never received anything less than outstanding professionalism. Always on time with appointments, remarkably knowledgeable and open to questions, positive, comprehensive, and well-equipped. I'm a huge fan of the sunglasses here, as well. This doctor makes it clear there is somebody not only taking care of you, but taking GOOD care. - Caspar R. on Google

Very friendly Doctor and staff. Doctor was very thorough, and knowledgeable and used what I can only think of as the latest technology during my exam as other doctors never used some of the machines she did. Staff were awesome and took really good care of my very picky wife. Definitely will recommend to others. - Ken M. on Google

Worth the visit - Robert M. on Google

I have been to many optometrists but have NEVER received the service that I get from Linda and her staff. From the moment I first went there, they made me feel welcome and quite comfortable. Linda's concern for my eye health is far beyond what I have ever gotten from any other eye care places. I HIGHLY recommend Linda for your TOTAL eye-care needs. She will keep you informed of any changes and also explains everything in such a way that helps you understand. Thank-you Linda and Staff. - Monique A. on

My eye doctor was wonderful, very friendly, thorough and professional. They listened to all my concerns, answered all the questions I had and took their time to make sure I understood. Highly recommended to everyone. - Marie S. on Facebook

My family and I have been going to Lucent Family Eye Care since we moved to Burnaby a year ago. We have always had a very good experience. Dr. Linda Yee always takes the time to listen, answer questions, and explain procedures. My eleven-year-old son actually said his last eye exam was fun! We recommend her to everyone! - Cassie S. on Facebook

Brand new clinic in Burnaby. Bright, modern, and clean!! - Irving L. on Facebook

Modern, thorough, friendly, and competent - it's all here. You will be comfortable, cared for, and reassured by the care you receive. Recommended without reservation. - Gerry H. on Facebook

One of the most thorough and sanitary Optometrists I have ever visited. I'm very impressed. -Tyler S. on Facebook