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Essilor Kappa Edging System

At Lucent Family Eye Care, we believe that convenience is critical to our patients. We are able to complete many single vision prescriptions on-site while you wait. Our on-site edging lab allows us to not only manufacture lenses quickly, but also to repair a patient’s frame in a timely manner.

The convenience of an on-site lab is especially helpful for patients who choose to reuse their current frame when updating to a new prescription. 

Often, the option of reusing an older frame was hindered by having to send the frame to an outside lab for assembly. This process would typically require the patient to be without their glasses for anywhere from 1-2 weeks while the new lenses are fit.  

Essilor Kappa Edging System

By employing a full-time lab technician, we are able to eliminate the delay of outsourcing those eyeglasses. At the time of the order, the necessary measurements and information is taken, and then forwarded to the lab.  When the lenses have been processed, the patient is then notified, and the patient can come in to have their lenses mounted in their frame within 15-30 minutes. In addition, for patients who only need a single vision prescription, we have a large stock of lenses and are able to make your glasses within the hour.

We believe that high quality eyewear is not a luxury but a necessity; every pair of glasses that leaves our lab is completely guaranteed and made to measure based on each individual’s prescriptions and needs.