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MiyoSmart Lenses for Myopia Control

Breakthrough MiyoSmart Lenses Clinically-Proven to Slow the Progression of Myopia

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Why is Myopia Dangerous?

Myopia is on the rise, with an estimated 5 billion people (half the global population) expected to be myopic by 2050. This is a staggering number! Not only is myopia inconvenient, but it can also lead to a host of severe sight-robbing eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachment.

Research shows that more time spent on near-work activities is associated with a greater likelihood of myopia.

Since kids have been spending more and more time in front of screens and less time outdoors, we've been seeing a dramatic rise in the number of patients developing myopia (nearsightedness), as well rapid increases in eyeglass prescriptions.

If you could slow down the progression of myopia in your child, surely you'd want to know how.

About MiyoSmart Lenses

MiyoSmart lens with Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) technology could not come at a better time. MiyoSmart is a clinically-proven innovative ophthalmic lens that works to curb myopic progression on average by 59% and has proven to reduce the axial elongation by 60%.

The lens is UV protected, impact-resistant, lightweight, and offers perfect optical clarity. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and coated with an anti-reflective durable coating.

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How Does MiyoSmart Work?

Myopia is caused by the elongation of axial length of the eyeball. However, research shows that axial length of the eyeball is affected by the position of an image projected in relation to the retina. So when the position of the projected image is located continuously in front of the retina, the axial length tends to become shorter. This indicates that projecting images in front and on the retina at the same time can control axial growth and myopia progression.

MiyoSmart with D.I.M.S. technology is a single vision corrective lens with a convex surface that is made up of hundreds of small segments, each providing myopic defocus.This lens structure makes it possible to simultaneously slow the growth of the eyeball and provide clear vision.

To learn more about MiyoSmart Lenses, contact Dr. Yee today.